January 27, 2012

Yo Family and Friends!

This is Elder Clarke here with some good stuff to say. So this week has been awesome! I taught a progressing investigator all in Spanish and it's been my best lesson yet! The lesson was on prayer, the spirit there during the discussion was so strong! I'm sure it strengthened his testimony on prayer cause I know it strengthened mine. I have never said so many prayers in my life. I know that Heavenly Father answers all our prayers and I know that for myself. I know he sent me to the area I'm suposed to serve. My Spanish continues to come to me rather easily, which I find to be a good thing ya know? The MTC has such a tight schedule but I know it's to get me ready for the field waiting for me over in Baltimore. My district is pretty much the best one at the MTC right now. We all get along really well and we all push each other to get this spanish language down and to have our testimonies grow. I'm thankful for this awesome opportunity to go on a mission. It's a much better feeling than finding out about a new big hill that looks perfect to ride. This ride I'm on right now will not only bless me for a quick five minutes of adrenaline, but it will bless me and many others in this life and hopefully after life. I'm thankful for all of you in my life. Stay Classy.

Thee Elder Clarke
January 20, 2012  I have been learning Spanish like no other. I have also learned about the restoration a lot more than I did before the mission and for that, I'm grateful for making the decision of serving a mission. One thing I really miss from the outside world is fast food. The food here is alright, but its the same thing every week. I

The time here at the MTC has made my testimony grow like no other! ITS LIKE... as a big as a Moose in Canada. That's when you know my life here is going good. I saw a devotional with Spencer from Elder Duncan in the 1st chorum of the seventy. It was all about missionary work. It was legit! I try to sit next to him every devotional and fireside we have. We have taken some good looking pictures together. The temple here is pretty cool. But the Newport one... Can words even describe it? Don't think so. I will be going to the Temple later on today! I will get some pics to you guys eventually. You all take care and love life!

Thee Elder Clarke
 Not too happy about their accommodations?

Looking heavenward:)

Elder Spencer Allred and Elder Joe Clarke
Coolest of Cousins

January 15, 2012

Sounds like life is still going how I left it back there in Glendora. I don't have to much time to write back because my email had problems today as well as everyone else in my district. But I will tell you that I am having a great time and that I sleep talk in Spanish now. My companion said that I am a one of a kind elder because I have been really loud.

I want Jason to send me some Subway in the mail. I really want Subway. Mark and Gina sent me a package of cookies! It was awesome and delicious!

But I've got to go help some elders. I love you!
Elder Joe Clarke