February 22, 2012

Hello Everyone,
This day, of all days, I tell you of an experience I had. I know that the Book of Mormon answers your questions. For it has answered one of mine. I had this weird pointless question in mind and I was reading in Mosiah chapter 2 where it talks a lot about wisdom. Like while reading the 36th verse, my question was instantly answered! It was so crazy!!!! I was like oh man everyone guess what! My question was just answered right now in Mosiah! They all started laughing.. But now when I am talking to an investigator about personal revelation through scripture study, I have a stronger testimony about it. I thought it was an awesome experience!

My Spanish continues to grow tremendously! I try to write in my journal every night, doesn't happen sometimes but I continue to press forward. I know that we're all here for a reason everyone. My reason in life right now is to study diligently so that my future investigators in Baltimore will be WOWED by what I have to say. I know this work I'm doing is true! I do not regret my choice to serve one bit.

You all should take care of yourselves and bare your testimony to a person that's having a bad day. Love you all. Smile, Pass it on.
Thee Elder Clarke
February 13, 2012

Hello Family and Friends,
I return once again! But when I say once again I mean writing on my Volvo "Thee Elder Joe Clarke Still Lives" when I saw it in the temple parking lot! It was pretty crazy seeing it parked there. I was like, that's my car!!! That's not the whole story you see. I was on my way to the pharmacy and I was waiting to cross the street and I see my car turning down the street to the temple. I yelled and yelled but Donnie didn't notice I guess. But that is okay because I went to the temple and found my car parked there. So many good memories in that thing.

But this week has been really spiritual and busy. I have been going to the doctors a lot lately because of the bad cough I have had forever! But they seem to be doing whatever they can to find the problem. One of the doctors wants to remove my tonsils because they are enlarged and he says if they are removed, my sleep will get much better. (UPDATE: Joe will fly home 3/6/12, instead of to Baltimore, to have his tonsils removed, then he'll fly to Baltimore about a week later).

The spiritual stuff is awesome of course! You should all read Mosiah 7:33. I came across it during personal study time. I don't have that much soda anymore believe it or not. I say its much healthier than my old soda habits I had before the mission. My district is now the oldest district in the zone I'm in. So were basically now the BOSS. My companion got called to be the District leader yesterday. All is well and I will be going to the temple today which I'm always stoked about to do on my Preparation Day.

Well you all take care of yourselves and don't follow the brown bunny that will lead you down the wrong path of unrighteousness.

Love you all!
Thee Elder Clarke Lives!
February 4, 2012
Hello everyone,
Remember to always Stand Proud, Tall and Straight! Jeffrey R. Holland spoke to us on Tuesday as well as Russell M. Nelson. Jeffrey R. Holland said that quote during his talk and it really stuck out to me! Because as you all you know I was just used to getting in a tuck on my longboard. But know this that I will always Stand Proud, Tall and Straight while doing the Lords work! Especially now because of my serving a mission. This decision I have made to serve the Lord has been much better then choosing to go down this big hill, hahah. The gift of tongues is the real deal! I have been able to talk to people in discussions about prayer (oracion), Personal Revelation through the Book of Mormon (revelacion personal mediante el libro de mormon) and about faith in Jesus Christ (La fe en Jesucristo). This mission has already been a huge blessing en mi vida. Me agradecido por mi familia! My family is awesome for the support they have shown me. I'm so grateful for the Lord's blessings in my life! The blessings continue to get better and better the more work I perform on here in the MTC. Everyone be excited because I have sent my mom my camera memory card with some good pictures in there. Be prepared like a scout you know? Scouts are bueno! Here at the MTC we always show each other our eagle scout cards. I do not know why. hahah But some guys in my districts have a cool temple recommend plastic thing for the temple they got their endowments in. I was pretty jealous about it. I am doing sealings today in the temple. I'm pretty excited! I did it last week and had a blast doing it!!!! :) Well you all stay classy and choose the right. Know that I love You all, and of course my decision to go on a mission!
Thee Elder Clarke

Esta bien madre!
Mi testimonio es mucho bueno. Yo quiero Taco Bell mucho. Yo se que estas me desciones es correcto a servir un mision. Me agradecido por opportunidad a servir a dios y jesucristo.
Thee Elder Clarke