February 22, 2012

Hello Everyone,
This day, of all days, I tell you of an experience I had. I know that the Book of Mormon answers your questions. For it has answered one of mine. I had this weird pointless question in mind and I was reading in Mosiah chapter 2 where it talks a lot about wisdom. Like while reading the 36th verse, my question was instantly answered! It was so crazy!!!! I was like oh man everyone guess what! My question was just answered right now in Mosiah! They all started laughing.. But now when I am talking to an investigator about personal revelation through scripture study, I have a stronger testimony about it. I thought it was an awesome experience!

My Spanish continues to grow tremendously! I try to write in my journal every night, doesn't happen sometimes but I continue to press forward. I know that we're all here for a reason everyone. My reason in life right now is to study diligently so that my future investigators in Baltimore will be WOWED by what I have to say. I know this work I'm doing is true! I do not regret my choice to serve one bit.

You all should take care of yourselves and bare your testimony to a person that's having a bad day. Love you all. Smile, Pass it on.
Thee Elder Clarke