February 4, 2012
Hello everyone,
Remember to always Stand Proud, Tall and Straight! Jeffrey R. Holland spoke to us on Tuesday as well as Russell M. Nelson. Jeffrey R. Holland said that quote during his talk and it really stuck out to me! Because as you all you know I was just used to getting in a tuck on my longboard. But know this that I will always Stand Proud, Tall and Straight while doing the Lords work! Especially now because of my serving a mission. This decision I have made to serve the Lord has been much better then choosing to go down this big hill, hahah. The gift of tongues is the real deal! I have been able to talk to people in discussions about prayer (oracion), Personal Revelation through the Book of Mormon (revelacion personal mediante el libro de mormon) and about faith in Jesus Christ (La fe en Jesucristo). This mission has already been a huge blessing en mi vida. Me agradecido por mi familia! My family is awesome for the support they have shown me. I'm so grateful for the Lord's blessings in my life! The blessings continue to get better and better the more work I perform on here in the MTC. Everyone be excited because I have sent my mom my camera memory card with some good pictures in there. Be prepared like a scout you know? Scouts are bueno! Here at the MTC we always show each other our eagle scout cards. I do not know why. hahah But some guys in my districts have a cool temple recommend plastic thing for the temple they got their endowments in. I was pretty jealous about it. I am doing sealings today in the temple. I'm pretty excited! I did it last week and had a blast doing it!!!! :) Well you all stay classy and choose the right. Know that I love You all, and of course my decision to go on a mission!
Thee Elder Clarke

Esta bien madre!
Mi testimonio es mucho bueno. Yo quiero Taco Bell mucho. Yo se que estas me desciones es correcto a servir un mision. Me agradecido por opportunidad a servir a dios y jesucristo.
Thee Elder Clarke