March 20, 2012

Hello Family and Friends,
Well as you all know, I had to head on home after my time at the MTC was all done and taken care of. I found out that I was heading home for some surgery to get my tonsils and adenoids out and possibly get some tubes in my ear? I'm not exactly sure if I will like the look of me with tubes hanging out of my ears. HAHA. Well I'm sure your all wondering.. WHAT has Thee Elder Joe Clarke been up to! Well everyone, I have been going out with the missionaries everyday since I have been home. I have also been attending the temples as much as possible, reading my Book of Mormon, also reading my Book of Mormon in Spanish, practicing my Spanish with activities I have learned in the MTC and sharing my experiences I have had so far since I have left for my mission. It's been difficult for me to be home, but I'm sure there will be many blessings in my life that will come from it. You all take care. Well.. get taken care of before you leave for your mission! 
Elder Joe Clarke
March 3, 2012

Hello Everyone,
This is your favorite person here, you know Thee Elder Clarke? Well I hope you haven't forgot me because I will making a stop at me casa in a couple of days to experience the removal of my tonsils being gone from existence in my mouth.

Anyway, Jeffrey R. Holland spoke again on Tuesday.. Oh My Gosh! All he brought up to the podium was his scriptures. I knew from that second that he would definitely be teaching through the spirit the entire time to what our needs are as a missionary. I took notes the entire time and didn't even noticed my legs getting numb. Well I did after the devotional ended.. But that's not the point! Jeffrey R. Holland said a lot of good stuff that night such as we know you work hard, but we don't care! I was like oh shoot! I'm going to be working so hard when I'm out in the mission field! I will even do my best when I am home laying on the couch.

This has been a good last week for me in the MTC. Something cool about here at the MTC is that they have Pizza Day. Yea you read that correctly.. There is a Pizza Day on Friday, which we all know as the best day of the week, besides Sunday of course :) But my last Friday here.. They didn't do pizza :/ they did a pick up stix bowl which isn't nearly as good. But the spirit throughout Friday was really good!

I have a lot to say to all me familia y amigos when I am home. Much advice and stories! Well Thee Elder Clarke needs to finish up his laundry. You all have a wonderful day and remember... To Smile, Pass it On :)
Elder Joe Clarke