April 30, 2012

Well this area is officially the best!
I have just found a family of  9 investigators this last weekend! But only four are of the age of baptism which is fine with me. We have a great branch here who are all really supportive of missionary work. I just bought my bike for the mission. Yes you read correctly I bought a bike. Am I proud? Well let's just say I'm proud I don't have to walk as much now. In our area there is this baptist church which is really annoying because one of our investigating families gets picked up by the bus every sunday morning so they can't make it to church. this coming sunday we are going to try and beat the bus to there house so they can make it to church again. This last saturday we did a lot of service. I told my companion that service is the one attribute of Christ I would want to perfect in because Christ spent his whole life serving others. I probably won't clean someones feet but I will more than happily try and strengthen their testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the best! He did so much for us :D But yeah, its time for me to go now and maybe order some pizza for lunch!
Love You All!
Thee Elder Joe Clarke
P.S. Smile.. Pass it on!
April 23, 2012

hey mom,
all is well here in martinsburg. its a pretty sweet area.the flight went well and long. i did not sit with a missionary on the plane. i sat next to a dude reading les miserables. but my throat is fine. i almost ate a chip the other day then i stoppped myself just in time. i had some extremely weird soup... it had a fishes head in it, two non cooked shrimp, octopus and vegetables. you should make it for mitchell :p this area as you know is very green. i love the field and where i am serving. the people in my branch have strong testimonies and are very kind to the new missionary which is me. we just started teaching a family of seven investigastors which i think are 100% likely to get baptized. they seem very interested in the church and baptism. i am so excited that this has been my first area to serve! the spanish is a bit hard but owell i will get it eventually. my companion is so cool! he is from mexico and has a really strong testimony. well i am glad i got to see you all again during my mission. even though it was really hard on me. i probably won't have that much of a desire to sing when i get home :p i will have the desire to longboard again hahahah but this work here in martinsburg is excellent. this really is the best mission! and my mission president is a great guy and is very smart and careful with every decision. i love you and the fam. take care
Thee Elder Clarke
April 23, 2012

Hello all you family and friends!
I am finally out in the mission field serving as much as I possibly can! Being home as a missionary was probably one of the hardest trials I have faced in my life. But I pulled through with it and I'm finally here in Martinsburg West Virginia. My companions name is Elder Perez and he is from Mexico. So yes his spanish is much better than mine. He is also the District Leader. I'm glad to have gotten him for my trainer in my first real area as a missionary! This area I'm serving in is perfect! I am so glad to have been called here for my first area. The branch is filled with strong testimonies! Even though I can't really understand all of their testimonies but I do feel the spirit during their lessons in church and when they testify of Christ and el Libro de Mormon. I never got to say thanks to all of you who have helped me while I spent some of my time home on my mission. Its a great blessing to know you in my life. We have two baptisms this weekend. Yeah... I'm pretty good i know. But the date for their baptism was set before I got there.. BUT I did teach them a lesson about the plan of salvation. We have a family of seven we just started teaching and they have alot of potential and seem very interested in the Church. The Spirit is a good guy, I love him. Well time flies and I got to go buy me some food! You all take care and love life eh?
Thee Elder Clarke