April 23, 2012

hey mom,
all is well here in martinsburg. its a pretty sweet area.the flight went well and long. i did not sit with a missionary on the plane. i sat next to a dude reading les miserables. but my throat is fine. i almost ate a chip the other day then i stoppped myself just in time. i had some extremely weird soup... it had a fishes head in it, two non cooked shrimp, octopus and vegetables. you should make it for mitchell :p this area as you know is very green. i love the field and where i am serving. the people in my branch have strong testimonies and are very kind to the new missionary which is me. we just started teaching a family of seven investigastors which i think are 100% likely to get baptized. they seem very interested in the church and baptism. i am so excited that this has been my first area to serve! the spanish is a bit hard but owell i will get it eventually. my companion is so cool! he is from mexico and has a really strong testimony. well i am glad i got to see you all again during my mission. even though it was really hard on me. i probably won't have that much of a desire to sing when i get home :p i will have the desire to longboard again hahahah but this work here in martinsburg is excellent. this really is the best mission! and my mission president is a great guy and is very smart and careful with every decision. i love you and the fam. take care
Thee Elder Clarke